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 Big Cinema!

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PostSubject: Big Cinema!   Fri Dec 19, 2008 4:09 pm

JoJo: All right, what's this thing you're talking about that's not Christmas, but is what?
Tom: In Germany we call it, uhm, uhm, Nikolaus!
Bill (cutting in): Nikolaus is, you know, the little brother of Santa Claus. And it's like you put your shoes out, and overnight...
Tom: You have to (clean?) the shoes, put them out, and overnight you, you know, get some gifts, and yeah, maybe some money, or you know, cinema card or tickets...
Bill: It's really really cool, you don't have it in America, right?
JoJo: No, we've never heard of it! Because, I think in Germany, what I think your parents are trying to do is keep your shoes clean, while here in the states, we just say go to bed early and Santa will come. Now do you still celebrate Christmas, and this is something that just leads up to Christmas?
TH (can't tell who is who): Yeah, right, right.
JoJo: So it's called Nikola
Twins (I think): Nikolaus.
JoJo: Nikolaus, and you leave your shoes out, and little Nikolaus is supposed to stroll to your house, and put stuff in your shoes, and takes off?
Bill and maybe Tom: Yeah, that's right.
JoJo: Now who drops them off? Like, does he roll up by himself in his little baby sled? Or how does he get there? What's the legend?
Tom: I-I don't know. I don't really know. But I, you know, hope it's a a hot lady maybe, Nikolaus. I don't know. (laughter from back, sounds like Bill) Maybe a hot, naked lady and you know, it would be great.
JoJo: Yeah, they were telling me about him. Cuz they were like your place in Germany is like the playboy mansion, right?
Tom: Right.
JoJo: Oh, it's the palace. Chicks everywhere. You don't need extra girls, man. You don't need extra women.
Tom: No, that's true. But him.
*cue laughter from all*

JoJo: Hey, you guys performed at the Jingleball Village and the fans went nuts, as always. You're about to do a second performance today, on the stage, so let's just get back to Point A. How'd it go at the first performance?
Bill: It was...really cool.
JoJo: (people something something nuts *lost in Bill's talking*) Your fans are insane, right?
Bill: Yeah, they were crazy. I mean, they were screaming Tokio Hotel, and they sang Monsun before, I think with a.....(Tom gives word) moderator. That was cool. We were sitting in the car. We had some trouble with the police before. I don't know why.
JoJo: What happened with the po-po?
Bill: I don't know...They stopped us and just said..Ohkay...Where you from..
Tom (cutting in): You look scary and you have to stop here.
Bill (cutting in): Say Happy Halloween
Tom (cutting in): Say Happy Halloween, (god, we're prisoners?)
Gustav: and Tokio Hotel? Never. You drive in this ugly car, you are not Tokio Hotel.
JoJo: Oh, they didn't believe you?
Twins and Gustav: No.
Bill: I mean, there's a story. We went to the airport, and we wanted just to fly to another city, and I was like, you know, with the hair..
Tom: And there were the security people, from you know, from the airport.
Bill: Yea. And I went through the airport, and everyone said, oh, you look scary, Happy Halloween. And I was like ohkay, thank you. But it was just me. It was just yeah.
JoJo: Like sorry, I didn't know Halloween was in March, but whatever.
TH: Yeah.
JoJo: Hey, your hair tonight. It's normally up. It's sort of down now. Describe the hair tonight. It's a little different.
Tom: Boring.
TH/Twinnies (they all repeat it): Boring.
Bill: Yeah, it's a boring look.
JoJo: Oh, ok, boring. Boring, Nikolove, Big Cinema, I got presents for you tonight. Back in a sec, it's Tokio Hotel with (-----?) and JoJo on KIIS FM.

TH (but mostly Bill): Ohhh. Wow....
Bill: It's very helpful.
JoJo: Six walkie talkies. Four for you. One for your manager. One for your security manager, so they can keep track of you guys.
(anyone know who?): You know what? I got you something too. Hold on a second. Because I follow the tabloids and I know a lot more about you guys. I know you guys won't deserve anything this year. That's a bag of coal right there. And in our country that means you've been naughty this year.
Bill: Ohh. You've been naughty!
(anyone know who?)We know about your playboy mansion. Back in Germany.
Georg: That's totally for Tom. (Bill and Georg agree)
(anyone know who?): See that? Sack of coal.

JoJo: Oh my god. Speed round of questions and say pass if you don't want to answer. Do you believe in Santa Claus? I assume you do because you believe in his little brother Nikola.
Tom: Uh, santa claus...yeah, yeah.
Rest of TH: Yeah.
JoJo: How many people in...*trails off*
Tom: I think, you know, Bill played the santa claus for our small cousin.
JoJo: You played Santa Claus before?
Bill: Yeah, one time. And I was like, I don't know, 12 years old...? And I'd a really, you know *makes weird opera noise*
Tom: Yeah. (And it was sized like this.?) It was a really small, you know....
JoJo: Now, Bill, santa claus is traditionally, a pretty fat guy.
Bill: Haha, yeah, I know.
JoJo: You're a skinny dude, so how'd that work out?
Bill: I had, you know, everything, my whole band (or bed?) with

JoJo: Love it. So how many people in the Tokio Hotel entourage today?
Tom: Uh....15?
Bill: 1?
Georg: Noo.
Bill: 10? 10 people? 12?
TH: Yeah, 12 people.
JoJo: Excellent. Any crazy dressing room requests for Tokio Hotel?
Tom: No! We have a really bad dressing room. I think, you know, it's kinda under the stage.
JoJo: You're under the stage?
Bill: Yeah, and we can listen to all the other music tonight!
Tom: Yes, that's great.
JoJo: So when you want to relax all you hear is *imitates loud music*
TH: Haha, yes.

JoJo: Uhhh. Does my new hairstyle make me look like David Beckham?
Bill: Uhhh...
Georg: You look better than David Beckham
JoJo: Love you. Got to love you! Have you ever been starstruck?
Bill: Starstruck?
JoJo: Have you ever been starstruck? You see a celeb.. you're in love with whoever the celeb is, and it freaks you out.
Tom: Jessica Alba..
JoJo: Really?
Tom: But I never met her.
JoJo: We can hook that up. We know a couple of people.
Tom: Yeah?
JoJo: Yeah.
Tom: You've met Jessica Alba?
JoJo: I know her man pretty good. I know her husband. Ohh. Jessica Alba? I'm like Jessecaba. Who? Haha, alright, I love you. Big cinema, big cinema. Hey, do you guys have any pre-show rituals that you guys do?
Tom: Uh, not really. Big business on the toilet for George, but I think you know that.
Georg: We talked about it last time.

JoJo: Haha, yeah, I remember. Another thing I don't think we should talk about that happened last time. They had never tried Dr. Pepper, Mountain Dew, or a 7/11 Slurpee. Have you tried it since then?
Bill: Yeah. I love -- (cut off)
Tom: We had some slurpees.
JoJo: Are you addicted now? Are they good?
Tom: Yeah. I like it. It's great.

JoJo: Who's buying the most expensive present for somebody for the holidays?
TH: Uhhhh.
JoJo: Ooh. Pressure.
Bill: It's hard to say.
TH: Uhm....
Georg: For my parents?
Tom: Bill?
JoJo: Buy them walkie talkies?
Other guy: You're regifting those walkie talkies?

JoJo. Haha, perfect. It's your walkie talkies. Do what you got to do. Okay, final question, and this is a strange one. I want you to say, in your sexiest voice, ho ho ho. And the Tokio Hotel fans are going to go nuts. So ho ho ho in a sexy voice. The fans are waiting...
Bill: Gustav!
Gustav: Ho Ho Ho.
TH: *proceeds to continue saying ho ho ho.* (You decide who's the sexiest. Bill and Georg both have chipmunk ho ho ho's. hide.gif)
JoJo: Haha, that went pretty well. Do it again?
TH: *proceeds to do so*
Bill: Very good!
JoJo: Ohhh. We are backstage at the JingleBall. Boytoy Jesse and JoJo on the radio with the fellows of Tokio Hotel, you guys have a great night, ok?
TH: Thank you.
JoJo: Big Cinema!
TH: Big Cinema
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Nina Kaulitz


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PostSubject: Re: Big Cinema!   Mon Jan 19, 2009 12:45 pm

That was awsome!!
I love it!!
And Tom got the sexiest ho ho ho!
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Big Cinema!
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